Sharing Panduan Total Paypal Lengkap

Panduan total pay pal lengkap

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  2. 2. WWW.DBCLIXREVIEW.CO.CC 2011Thank you for your purchase!  This is your Private Label Resale Rights terms and conditions:What you can do:[Yes] Can be used to build a mailing list for free (more info below)[Yes] Can be packaged[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product[Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites[Yes] Can sell this product[Yes] Can sell Resale Rights[Yes] Can sell Master Resale Rights[Yes] Can sell Private Label Rights[Yes] Resale Rights Can be given away for free[Yes] Private Label Rights can be given away for free[Yes] Can be added to free membership sites[Yes] Can be offered through auction sitesRecommended retail price $7.00 – $15.00What you cannot do:[NO] Can be edited[NO] Can claim authorship[NO] Can claim copyrightYou can use the messages and squeeze page to collect email address and build yourlist. This is the only way that you can give them away for free.For instance you can set up the squeeze page and customize the messages andprovide your subscriber with the lessons. You can then offer the resale rights to yournew subscribers. These rights were put in place to insure the value of your new product. LEGAL DISCLAIMER:This book is sole ly for informational and ente rtainment purposes only. This book does notguarantee that the reade r or anyone e lse who follows the advice of the author will actuallyearn any income whatsoe ve r. Any mone y that you choose to forfe it, submit, inve st, divulge,use, spend, exhaust, squande r, waste, splurge or expend on any or a combination of morethan one of the programs or te chniques mentioned within the author’s teachings shall bedone at your own risk and ex pense .You also agree not to hold the author or the publishe r of this publication legally liable forany mone y of yours that is lost, scammed, swindled, or cheated as a result of yourdiscre tionary choice to follow the advice of the author. The author is ne ithe r a financial nor alegal expe rt. The refore , please take the utmost discre tion whe n choosing to implement anyof the methods, te chniques or programs that the author may mention in this publication.

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